Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beach Themed Birthday Cake

Last year I made a flip-flop cake for our friend's mother's birthday. This year she came back to me for another cake for her mother's birthday. This time I did a vanilla pound cake with raspberry jam and white chocolate buttercream. Since her mother loved the beach, we did a beach themed cake.

I used the same pound cake recipe I used for the cake I made her last year. This time I put a thin layer of raspberry jam and white chocolate buttercream between each layer. The cake was crumb coated and iced with white chocolate buttercream.

To decorate the cake, I first used a cake comb around the edge of the cake to look like waves. I used Wilton Color Mist in blue to give the waves an airbrushed look.

The next step was to sprinkle on some brown sugar on part of the top of the cake to look like sand. After this was done, I piped on the bottom and top borders with the white chocolate buttercream. I used the seashell mold that I had left from the cake I did for Dan's coworker. I used some yellow and pink colored chocolate to make the shells. I piped on the "Happy Birthday Donna" before I placed the shells. This way I had plenty of room to pipe and didn't have to move the shells once they were down. Finally, I placed a drink umbrella on the edge to look like a beach umbrella. Presto, a simple and easy day at the beach, cake-style.

1) Make sure you think about the order in which you decorate. I almost put the borders on before I sprayed the color and sprinkled the brown sugar, which would have colored and "sanded" the boarders when I wanted them to be clean and white.
2) The spray will make a mess so cover every surface before spraying. I didn't--and had to wash the table three times to get the color out!

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