Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Back in my earlier years at my current job, I had the great fortune to work with a really wonderful couple, Andy and Jen. They've since moved across the country, but luckily they live near Laurie's family and we get to visit with them almost every year. They were one of my first culinary inspirations--they even helped me plan the menu for the meal I made the night that I proposed to Laurie! They'd always bring in tasty snacks for everyone in the office, especially around Christmas. Tons of different cookies and treats. But by far, the best were always their chewy chocolate chip cookies. These were perfect cookies that stayed nice and chewy no matter how long they sat around.

One of Andy and Jen's gifts to me was the recipe for the cookies--it's Alton Brown's perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe with some additional pointers and suggestions from them. While I freely admit that I have never made a batch as incredible as the ones that they would bring to the office, I am pretty proud of just how good these cookies are. Even Laurie admits that they are pretty darn good. When Laurie decided this year that she was only going to make a smaller variety of Christmas cookies, and that variety didn't include a chocolate chip cookie, I offered to bake up a batch of mine. Maybe it's a few weeks past Christmas now that I'm getting around to posting this, but c'mon, there's never a bad time for a chocolate chip cookie!