Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some minor layout changes and a new Contact Us feature

We made a few minor changes yesterday to the layout of the blog. We've relocated that big old chunk of text from the right column to a new About Us page which you can access from the new navigation bar, located just below the logo. We just wanted to make it a little easier to read the blog and also to see our handy Find us on Facebook box where you can see that we already have well over 100 fans--thanks everyone for stopping by! Like us and you'll be notified whenever we have up a new post.

We've also added a Contact Us page, also accessed from the new navigation bar. This is a simple email form to get in touch with Laurie and Dan. If you've got a question about something we posted, an idea or a suggestion for a future post, or want to get in touch with us, please feel free to submit your request via the form.

Lastly, I know we've been a bit quiet the last few weeks, but with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, Laurie is going to be baking up a storm over the next few weeks and we'll be sure to share with all of you!