Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding Cookies

Our two year wedding anniversary is coming up next month, so I thought why not post about the wedding cake cookies I made for all of our guests' hotel goodie bags. The plan was to make homemade cookies for every guest who stayed overnight for our wedding. Well, our kitchen is kind of small and it wasn't not feasible to make a cookie for each person. So I made one or two per bag (I based how many cookies went into the bag on how many people were staying in the room, about 1 cookie for every 2 people).

First, I searched online for a wedding cake cookie cutter. It took a bit but I found a good one that was reasonably priced. The cookie cutter came with a really good sugar cookie recipe, so I decided to test it out on Dan. Next, I figured out how many cookies I would need. Since the cookie cutter was rather large, I counted every one wedding cake cookie equalled two cookies per the recipe. I made the dough and baked off the cookies a few days before the wedding, so I would have time to let them cool before I had to decorate them.

Decorations were done with royal icing. I made a huge batch and filled in all the cookies with the white colored icing. Next, I made flowers to look like the sunflowers we were using throughout the wedding. I piped them on parchment paper and let them dry overnight. This allowed me to attach the flowers directly to the cookies as I wanted them. I also accented the white color with burgundy lines and dots (our wedding colors were burgundy and gold). On the bottom "layer" of the wedding cake cookie I piped our names in the burgundy royal icing. The cookies were intentionally designed to look like our wedding cake, which was a 4-tier with burgundy ribbon and sugar sunflowers.

Once the cookies were all dried, I placed them in clear plastic bags and tied them with burgundy ribbon. I placed a homemade sticker on the back of each.

Everyone loved them and appreciated the personal touches we added to make them feel special.

wedding cake cookie
Just some perspective from Dan--I absolutely loved this personal touch Laurie added to our wedding hotel goodie bags. We used them as hotel bag favors, but with enough time and effort these wedding cake cookies could make for a great wedding favor to give out at the reception, or you could even make really clever wedding cake cookie seating cards. They took Laurie a lot of time and effort (and I helped a little bit here and there) but it was really worth it!

1) Give yourself plenty of time to complete a large project
2) Know your limits! ( I am glad I decided to make 1 or 2 cookies per bag)

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  1. Hey dolls! Saw your post over at CC! Loving the Blog- a very good start! Continue showing us all how you do it!