Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our new Facebook Page and a special thanks!

For our Facebooking friends, we've set up a Facebook page for the blog. Click here to check that out. Anytime Laurie or I update the blog, if you've liked that Facebook page you'll automatically see a note on your news feed and you can easily stay up to date with our latest posts. You can also like us by clicking the link in the Facebook toolbox in the right column.

I also wanted to give a really special thanks to our great longtime friend Lisa Toff. Lisa is a really talented artist and designer who helped us turn a paper sketch Laurie had made for the Confectionary Bliss logo into something we could actually put on the website. She runs prismPOP and does all sorts of clever, unique pop art. She also has a design, arts, and Coney Island blog at myconey.wordpress.com. So a big thanks to Lisa for helping us out with that. Go check her stuff out and be amazed by her creative talents.


  1. thanks Dan & Laurie! love the blog + facebook page!

  2. it's so hilarious that each of your remarks are color coded!