Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day, Graduation, and Birthday Cake in One!

This was a tricky cake. We were getting together with some of Dan's family for dinner. We were celebrating multiple events that happened or were happening soon. His cousin just graduated High School, it was Father's Day, and 2 birthdays were coming up. I thought very hard on how to combine all that together. First, I thought, well they all begin with the word "Happy." Next I thought of some symbols that represent each of those events. A tassel for the graduation, a candle for the birthdays and a tie for Father's Day. I wrote around the sides between the different symbols Grad, Father and Birthday for each of the holidays. The cake was chocolate and yellow butter cake and it was covered in Italian Buttercream.

father's day, graduation, and birthday cake

Here's another angle where you can see how Laurie draped the tassel down the other side.
father's day, graduation, and birthday cake

1) Spacing is very difficult when writing along the side of a cake and should be thought of BEFORE you start piping.
2) Execution should be thought about carefully BEFORE you start decorating the cake.

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