Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just Because Flipflop Cake

One of our good friends asked me to make this cake for her mother. She said that her mother's birthday just passed and her mother didn't get the cake she wanted. Her mother loves pound cake with buttercream. She said her mother loves to wear flip flops and her favorite color is blue. When asked what she wanted the cake to say, she replied "Just Because". The flip flops were made out of fondant. I used a computer print out with saran wrap over it to cut out the design. I used royal icing for the writing and accents. I used a cake comb to give the sides some texture.

1) Use a print out or pattern when ever you can. It makes shape easier to make in fondant and gum paste.
2) Test recipes you haven't used before on family (My mom and Dan got to taste my pound cake recipe before I made this cake).