Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Confectionary Bliss, a blog created by Laurie and Dan Shapiro. After a few years in the corporate world, Laurie decided to turn her lifelong love of baking into a future career and graduated a year later with honors from the Philadelphia Art Institute. And after months of begging, Laurie finally agreed to put up this blog to showcase some of the amazing things she's done in the kitchen, just baking for friends and family.

Confectionary Bliss will be updated periodically to showcase various desserts Laurie bakes in our home kitchen. We'll not only show the beautiful finished products, but we'll have pictures and insights from the entire creative process for some of Laurie's more complicated endeavours. Laurie will also share tips, suggestions, and ideas for anyone who wants to try their own hand at creating some confectionary bliss in their own kitchen.

To make things easy for our readers, note that anything Laurie writes will be in blue, Laurie's lessons learned in green, and notes from Dan will be in black.

Just as a teaser to show off the kind of cakes Laurie has made, here's her beautiful final project wedding cake from culinary school. Down the road, we'll have a few posts talking about the process that went into creating this beauty.

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